Green Escapes: The Evros River Delta, Greece

Along the northernmost coast of Greece, the spindling Evros River spills into the Aegean Sea, forming a stunning delta of nearly 200 kilometers of meadows, lagoons, swamps, and sand dunes. This natural wonder has existed for centuries, with most of it now protected as a national park. This dreamlike landscape is a biodiversity hotspot, home to thousands of species of amphibians, mammals, fish, and plants. But it’s most known as the temporary home of thousands of migrating birds who stop by in spring on their way from Africa. On a good day, you can observe countless geese, swans, eagles, ducks, and even flamingos pluming themselves in the shallow water. You can book a tour at the delta’s information center—where you explore the wetland by bus and then by small, traditional boats—or explore on your own by foot, car, or bicycle. Stay nearby in the medieval-settlement-turned-tourist-town of Loutra Traianoupoli, where you can sleep in a traditional guest house and munch on mezedes at family-owned tavernas. And keep an eye out for the eagles heading north overhead…

Evros River Delta National Park
Loutra Traianoupolis, Evros
Tours begin from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM,
with later afternoon tours in the summer
(Photo credit

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