The Inquiring Traveler’s Notebook is an exploration of the micro-details of the world. This is a place for a new kind of traveler—the student, the artist, the dreamer. Here we look beyond the glossy experiences of tourist brochures and into the little, real wonders that make the world beautiful. From a wine-selling bookstore to a café dishing up the best in regional cuisine to a fairytale getaway bursting with unspoiled beauty, The Inquiring Traveler’s Notebook whisks you away to places that thrill your senses and soothe your soul. An Inquiring Traveler looks a bit closer, experiencing a place like the locals who know it best. Come and explore with us. You’ll soon realize that the whole world can feel like home.

And who is the inquiring traveler?

Tatiana Harkiolakis is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Greece. She specializes in cultured, travel, and food writing. Along with The Inquiring Traveler’s Notebook, she runs The Athenian Site (Facebook & Twitter), an insider’s guide to the culture, cuisine, and city life of Athens, Greece. Her passions include blogging, literature, vintage shopping, and good snacks.