The Enchanted Manor, Isle of Wight

Well, the gig is up: we *sniff* finally have to admit that summer is truly over. But with the end of summer comes the beginning of fall, which means turning leaves, oversized sweaters, and covertly planning your first weekend escape. If you have a soft spot for kitschy Granny décor and faerie lore (and a bae more than willing to indulge your love of them), head to the couples-only Enchanted Manor. This fairytale B&B on the Isle of Wight is bedazzled with enough cherubs, lace, elfin figurines, and gold accents to make any city escapee feel like a fairy princess (Bonus: Some rooms come with working record players and complementary records). The hotel’s ten suites boast four-poster beds, chandeliers, ornate dressing tables, and colorful paintings by fantasy artist Josephine Wall. And when you can’t possibly snuggle in your bedazzled boudoir anymore, head out to the dreamy gardens adorned with sculptures and fountains. The Manor also offers patrons a Gourmet Picnic Brunch loaded with elegant cold cuts, tartlets, and butterfly picnic rolls. Enjoy it in the Enchanted Dining Room where flowering vines hang from the ceiling, or order it to go and plant bae and yourself on the rolling grass of Wight, right in front of the pristine blue sea. Now that’s a holiday worthy of any faerie romance.

The Enchanted Manor

Sandrock Road, Niton, Ventnor


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Isle of Wight Coastal Path: A scenic footpath that passes around the village of Niton.

St. Catherine’s Lighthouse: A picturesque lighthouse with breathtaking sea views.

The Buddle Inn: A sixteenth-century pub serving up island cuisine.

Joe’s Bar: A lively pub/confectioner’s/tea room connected to the Niton post office.

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