MEMO: Word on the Water, London

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If there’s a sight more memorable than the Thames casually floating through London, it’s the sight of well-stocked bookstore casually floating on an offshoot of the Thames. In fact, one glance at Word on the Water, London’s self-proclaimed “Bookbarge”, and you may sense that you’ve stumbled into a J.K. Rowling novel. This waterborne bookstore, based at Granary Square near King’s Cross, is housed inside a centennial Dutch barge lovingly furnished with plush armchairs, knickknacks, and a wood-burning stove. They stock an eclectic range of new and pre-loved books, including fiction, art books, and children’s literature (at prices that won’t stop you from picking up another…and another…and another…). Word on the Water hosts frequent poetry readings and live jazz performances on their rooftop stage. There’s even an in-store pup, Star (because it doesn’t get better than a cozy bookstore with a dog). London’s Bookbarge stands today thanks to the love of their worldwide fanbase, which narrowly saved from closure several years ago when developers wanted the store’s previous mooring. And we’re oh-so thankful this magical boat is here to stay.

Word on the Water
Granary Square
Open every day 12:00 Noon to 19:00

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